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New Halo 5 Wallpapers via Xbox.com
I've had the Halo 5: Guardians Keyart as my computer background for a good while now, but it looks like I just found my new one today with a collection of wallpapers for Halo 5: Guardians on Xbox.com. That 'Courage - Clean' is BEAUTIFUL! Check out the Xbox page for wallpapers for everything from your desktop, phone, Xbox One and social media headers! (MacGyver10 16:01:00 UTC) (permalink)


Give an HBO Welcome to @JoeStaten On Twitter!
We just mentioned him in our Canon Fodder post, but go give a warm welcome to the man Louis Wu calls when he has a bad dream and needs a comforting lullaby, Joe Staten! He just joined Twitter today! (MacGyver10 15:55:44 UTC) (permalink)


Canon Fodder - Shadow of Intense
GrimBrother One stopped by again with word of the latest Canon Fodder at HaloWaypoint! For the first time, we have details on Joe 'The Voice of the Grunts' Staten's return to Halo with his new novella, 'Shadow of Intent'. Details are sparse at the moment, but we do know we'll be back with Half-Jaw and joined by a new female Sangheili warrior in some sick armor! Some lore details on the new Plaza arena map and a few other tidbits round out the article this week, so make sure you give it a read! (MacGyver10 15:34:28 UTC) (permalink)


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